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Alday Denim


Alday Denim
Alday Denim Alday Denim Alday Denim Alday Denim Alday Denim

You'll never want to take 'em off

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Comfy+Stretchy These jeans are for lounging and for doing ninja kicks. For coding and for biking. They are really, fantastically comfortable. Breathable, too. You’ve gotta test them out in-person to believe it. You might never take em off.

Semi-Scientific Perfect fit

We’ve been doing this for 25 years. Our team knows pants. We believe that fit is half data, half art, and these pants? These work. Snug in the right spots, space where you want it. There’s really not enough bullet points on this website for how good these are.

Premium Hardware

Fancy hardware is nice. We use zippers and hardware that usually go on $200 denim. Why? Because you deserve that much. Put these pants to work. Put em through hell, or just hang out. But you’ll look good and feel even better.


I work in the restaurant industry and I'm on my feet all day. I never know what's getting thrown my way and these are perfect for that environment.

– Shane Stanger | Co-Founder Baked Bear | San Diego, CA

Finally, denim that prioritizes comfort, but doesn't sacrifice fit and aesthetic.

– David Greenfeld | Co-Founder DreamPops | Los Angeles, CA

Our Open Knit Technology

Knit denim is different. Regular jeans are woven. It’s not just industry jargon, it means that our jeans flex better, are an average of 10 oz lighter, and sit differently than the pair you’re wearing right now.


Our denim moves with you, no matter what you're doing, we challenge you to bust the seams. We couldn’t do it. Most denim brands these days take ordinary denim, add some spandex and call it “stretch”. We call bullshit.


People sweat. Woven denim makes you sweat even more. Alday makes you sweat less. Simple. More airflow, more comfort. Easier on the bits.


Most denim takes ages to break in, if ever. Ours feels like your favorite sweatshirt right out of the box. But it feels even better the more you wear it.

Alday Denim


Alday Denim
Alday Denim Alday Denim Alday Denim Alday Denim Alday Denim
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  • Sizing
  • Materials
  • Engineered for comfort but designed to look damn good. Premium hardware usually reserved for $200+ jeans combined with denim that feels closer to brushed terry cloth than scratchy designer denim.

    Snug in the right spots and some extra space where you need it 😉

  • Sizing is true to what you normally are. Size down if you like a skinnier fit, since our Open-Knit Denim has way more stretch than you're used to.
    Check out our size chart, and remember we offer 30 day returns & exchange, no questions asked guarantee so don't even trip about your pants dog ✌🏼

  • These jeans are made of knit denim, which means they’re lighter, stretchier, and more comfortable without sacrificing durability. All this while looking like regular pants.

    Nobody needs to know how cozy you are ☁️



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