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Alday Denim
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Why can’t we just find a pair of denim that works for everything? Pants that feel good right out of the box without rules: like no washing and dumb break-in periods? Why isn’t there an easy mode for pants? After working in the industry for years we know that this is possible if you throw out the playbook and build a brand from scratch that doesn’t play the label game.

So we’re doing it. By working with you we’re focused 100% on creating the best pant imaginable through constant iteration. We’re happy you’re here with us on our journey to fix pants.

We tried to find jeans that were super comfortable and still looked great, but felt “like a straightjacket made from a burlap bag.” We had enough experience in this industry to know that you can do better, so we decided to buck up and make it happen. Welcome to the future!
“We created is a pair of denim that’s so damn comfortable that we think you’ll want to live in it.”